Best of 2021: Actors (Lead and Supporting)

2021 gave us a number of fantastic performances. I compiled my favorite supporting and lead actors from this year. Top 15 Films of 2021 Honorable Mention: Tim Blake Nelson - Old HenryBen Platt - Dear Evan HansenAlfred Molina - Spider-Man: No Way HomeMark Rylance - Don't Look UpSimon Rex - Red RocketDev Patel - The... Continue Reading →

The Best Movies of 2021

I've clocked a little over 500 movies watched in 2021, with close to 400 of those being 2021 releases. Every year I sit down around this time to put together the best of the best. So today, I share my list of the best movies of 2021. When I make this list, I hope you... Continue Reading →

2021 Recap: Top 15 Films

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 brought films back in a major way. Even though there were many more blockbuster level films than in 2020, Indies still held their own. This year my breakdown went: *2020 total in parenthesis 108 films (70) A+ - 4 (3)A - 14 (10)A-/B+ - 22 (17)B - 30... Continue Reading →

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