MCDI Trailer House- New Year 2022

Welcome back to the end of the year, and the start of a new one! "Bigbug" is a vision of the future from the director of "Amelie" (among... others) that is appropriately discomforting for the way humans are creeping into the future. I'm sorry if this is the first thing you see and feel in... Continue Reading →

New Trailer for multi-award winning psychological thriller HELP HELP will be coming to Digital Download from 15th Februrary 2022 Writer & Director: Blake Ridder Producer: Louis James Executive Producer: Lucas A. Ferrara Cast: Louis James, Emily Redpath, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Duncan James, Blake Ridder, Amy Jim, Stuart Wolfe-MurraySynopsis: A painful break up prompts Grace to visit her friend Liv who is living in the idyllic English countryside with her... Continue Reading →

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