Personal Ranking of the 2023 Best Actor Nominees

Check out Benji's rankings of the Best Actor nominees at this year's 2023 Academy Awards below. 5. Bill Nighy - Living Whilst I appreciate this performance a lot more then most, I still can’t disagree with most that this is the least impressive of the best actor nominees, that’s not to say it’s not good!... Continue Reading →

Ricky’s Movie Review Roundup

Over the Thanksgiving break, I watched a load of movies because it is that time of the year. Screener season is one of my favorites because I can watch stuff I either missed or brand-new stuff I haven't gotten around to. I had a chance to check out some Oscar contenders, hopefuls, and movies that... Continue Reading →

‘Living’ Review – Sundance 2022

Alex Kelly  Some of the saddest stories can have a significantly uplifting ending, and we might have just seen the best example of this at Sundance 2022.  Living, the latest directorial turn from Oliver Hermanus, follows a British bureaucrat by the name of Mr. Williams, played by Bill Nighy who is the ultimate cog in... Continue Reading →

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