Friday Five, Week 18

We’ve reached the final week of the NFL season. Hopefully you’re not relying on these results for your fantasy championship. Several of these teams are counting on this week’s games as a shot for them to get to an NFL Championship. The final week of the NFL season is always exciting, and this figures to... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 17

The penultimate week of the NFL season features a number of terrific matchups. We have no more Thursday or Saturday games, with this week’s action taking place on Sunday and Monday night only… so far. With COVID afloat, you can never be too sure. But with so much on the line, these teams will be... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 16

Merry Christmas! Tomorrow is Christmas Day, which features a return of NFL games. We also have a full schedule on Sunday and, as of now, things haven’t moved. But you never know… That was the fun of Week 15 and with COVID still lurking, we have to keep our heads on a swivel when it... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 15

It’s Week 15 of the NFL Season which means a couple things of note: bye weeks are over; the fantasy playoffs are here and we get a return of Saturday games for the NFL. That leaves a couple of incredible Week 15 matchups—the AFC West battle between the Chargers and Chiefs and AFC battle between... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 14

Week 14 of the NFL Season is here. This is a crucial week for many fantasy players who are trying to make the post-season. For NFL teams, it’s a crucial week as they drive toward the playoffs and many of the Sunday matchups reflect that. As always, I’ll highlight the five I’m most excited to... Continue Reading →

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