Cocaine Bear a wild ride that knows what it is

The cannon of animals gone wild films is mixed. Often, when we think of killer encounters with nature, it comes down to sharks. But we’ve also seen crocodiles, gorillas, snakes and lions on the prowl in live-action films. Now, we get a killer black bear. This one comes with the advantage of being based on... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: Ray Liotta

The latest big release in theaters is Cocaine Bear, the wild tale directed by Elizabeth Banks and based on a true story. In that film is Ray Liotta, who makes his final big screen appearance after passing away last year. In honor of Liotta and his on-screen legacy, this week’s Binge Watch takes a look... Continue Reading →

What to Watch This February

After a bit of a dry January, we’ve made it to a fun February full of excitement. There is much to look forward to. We have some great new releases on the horizon, and a couple of re-releases making their way back into theaters. February is looking like a solid month of theatrical releases, as... Continue Reading →

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