Fortress: Sniper’s Eye star Kelly Greyson Interview

Lionsgate has become my go-to in the world of action thrillers. On Friday, Fortress: Sniper's Eye, they have a new one coming out. I sat down with the star of the film, Kelly Greyson. Fortress: Sniper's Eye is an action thriller that continues the story we followed in Fortress. Weeks after the deadly assault on... Continue Reading →

“Unbreakable” is Unfinished

M. Night Shyamalan created an underrated classic before film became as saturated with Superhero stories as it is today. To ground this approach, he explored the idea that our fantasies and myths have a basis in a grounded truth, and noted in special features and interviews that 'Unbreakable' is the "first act" of a story... Continue Reading →

Lionsgate 2021-22 Winter Movie Preview

Lionsgate has several new movies coming out this winter and we wanted to share the slate with you all! LAST SHOOT OUT IN THEATERS, ON DEMAND, DIGITAL: December 3, 2021DVD, BLU-RAY:  December 7, 2021DIRECTOR: Michael FeiferSCREENPLAY: Lee MartinCAST: Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight), Cam Gigandet (Twilight franchise), Michael Welch (Twilight franchise).SYNOPSIS:  Cam Gigandet (Twilight franchise) and Academy Award® nominee... Continue Reading →

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