SXSW Film Festival: ‘Sophie and The Baron,’ and ‘Puss’ Reviews

Puss (Short Film) Logline: Samantha really wants to get laid, but is having a hard time for some reason.Writer & Director: Leah ShoreCast: Sarah Ellen Stephens, Karl Jacob, Brian Agamie, Mark Blane, Brian w. Smith, William Goerge-Louis The pandemic has been a struggle for single people, and how many different ways we tried to enjoy ourselves throughout this... Continue Reading →

The Whiskies Year Two Winners

For the second year, we have gathered critics from across the globe to announce our second annual 'The Whiskies' nominations. We have categories that range from 'The Whisky Award,' a movie you need to have a drink to get through, to the Best Film of the Year. We had our live show this past Sunday,... Continue Reading →

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