Monday Recap, Week 18

The final Sunday of the NFL’s regular season is in the books and we now know who will be in the post-season. The 49ers punched their ticket with a win over the Rams, while the Steelers and the Raiders made a surprise entry in the AFC. As has been the case all season, it’s time... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 18

We’ve reached the final week of the NFL season. Hopefully you’re not relying on these results for your fantasy championship. Several of these teams are counting on this week’s games as a shot for them to get to an NFL Championship. The final week of the NFL season is always exciting, and this figures to... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 17

In year’s past, the Week 17 slate would have marked the end of the NFL regular season. Not so in 2021, where we get one more week. And there are still playoff slots—two in the AFC and one in the NFC—yet to be decided. But we did get a lot of clarity on the playoff... Continue Reading →

Friday Five, Week 17

The penultimate week of the NFL season features a number of terrific matchups. We have no more Thursday or Saturday games, with this week’s action taking place on Sunday and Monday night only… so far. With COVID afloat, you can never be too sure. But with so much on the line, these teams will be... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 16

After tonight, there will be only two games left in the NFL Season. The playoff picture is starting to come into view but there are still questions. Sunday’s action didn’t always clarify those questions. For fantasy players, it’s likely all coming down to a miracle tonight and hopefully a trip to the finals next week.... Continue Reading →

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