Six players get the Franchise Tag

The 2023 NFL off-season is in full swing. Tuesday marked the deadline for teams to use the Franchise Tag, which resulted in six players getting the tag and one new deal at the deadline by the New York Giants. Daniel Jones gets paid Jones was largely rumored to be getting a Franchise Tag if the... Continue Reading →

First Quarterback dominoes fall

We’re a week away from the official start of the new league year and free agency, and yet we saw the first dominoes at the quarterback position fall on Monday. Two potential free agent quarterbacks came off the market. Below I look at those first two moves. Derek Carr to the Saints Carr, released by... Continue Reading →

Zero-RB Dynasty Superflex Top 100

The role of a zero-RB or structural approach is to mitigate and capitalize on the chaos present in an NFL season. The more chaos affects your league, the stronger and more valuable your roster will become. These rankings are designed with appropriate weight towards maintaining stability at the top of a draft and leveraging value... Continue Reading →

New Coach Roundup

The hiring cycle for new NFL Head Coaches is finally complete. It took a while, months for some of these squads, but the five vacancies have now been filled. Below I take a look at the new Head Coaches, their fit and the biggest challenge before them in 2023. Let’s dive in. Coaches will appear... Continue Reading →

NFL Network’s “The Godfather vs the Gunslinger” TV Event Reveals Never Before Seen Moments of Epic HBCU Showdown

Amid the NFL’s special programming lineup celebrating Black History Month is the NFL Network’s highly anticipated television event “ The Godfather vs The Gunslinger”—a deep dive into the epic 1984 matchup between two powerhouse historically black college and university (HBCU) teams led by two legendary coaches and would be Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Isaac Holt. The revealing new documentary,... Continue Reading →

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