Binge Watch: The Best of TV for 2022

We’ve reached the end of 2022 and are on to the next year. But before we spring too far forward, it’s good to take a moment to pause and look back at what we loved from 2022. This week’s Binge Watch focuses my Top 10 shows of 2022, plus 10 more honorable mentions. If you’re... Continue Reading →

Winter TV Roundup, Week 1

A new year is here. We’ve put the Fall of 2022 behind us. Sure, you probably have a mountain of half finished shows you still need to get through. No matter, it’s on to what’s new! But are the new shows worth your time? That’s what this weekly roundup is all about. I look at... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 16

The final TV roundup of the year. We are nearly to 2023, with the winter set of new shows literally beginning on day one. But before we get there, Netflix, Peacock and Paramount+ wanted us to enjoy some new shows in 2022. If you’re trying to decide how to spend your week, let this weekly... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 15

We’re in Christmas week. The last of the new shows for 2022 will roll out the next few weeks. But never fear, we’ll get new shows aplenty in January and beyond. Still, over the Christmas Break you might be wondering what’s worth checking out. Let this weekly post be your guide as I look at... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 14

As we make our way through December, we’re coming to the end of new original series. As you’ll see, this list is short this week and likely will be the next couple of weeks. But fear not, a content swell is coming in January. Meanwhile, as the year winds down, you might be wondering what’s... Continue Reading →

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