Author: Tim Plaehn

Debutante Ball–Who Wowed ‘Em Out of the Gate?!

By Jeff Symonds On the 1983 podcast, we talked about debut records, and I suggested that the Violent Femmes record from that year was one of the all-time greatest debut records, maybe in the top 2 or 3. And boy did I hear it from people!  J So I went back and double checked, and as … Continue reading Debutante Ball–Who Wowed ‘Em Out of the Gate?!

Start Fixing That Piña Colada

While deciding on the best song of 1979 in our 50 Years of Music podcast, we couldn’t help but spend a few moments mocking the syrupy sweetness of piña coladas, pointing out the flaws of consummating a relationship in the dunes on the Cape (or any beach setting), and marveling at the lack of moral fiber in … Continue reading Start Fixing That Piña Colada