The Most Compelling Album Cover

Sure, Nirvana is right there for me. Cute baby swimming underwater on an album that changed music right when I was really paying attention. How could I not pick the cover of Nevermind? But when it comes to album covers that have really stuck with me, that still compel my curiosity and elicit excitement about... Continue Reading →

Sexual Healing Indeed

Break-ups can be messy in the music world. Singers have their medium to work through their emotions and if their song becomes a hit—or a career (Taylor Swift)—then we have this strange ringside seat as we pick through their heartache. Think of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” where we not only know it’s about... Continue Reading →

Start Fixing That Piña Colada

While deciding on the best song of 1979 in our 50 Years of Music podcast, we couldn’t help but spend a few moments mocking the syrupy sweetness of piña coladas, pointing out the flaws of consummating a relationship in the dunes on the Cape (or any beach setting), and marveling at the lack of moral fiber in... Continue Reading →

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