Author: Tim Plaehn

The Most Compelling Album Cover

Sure, Nirvana is right there for me. Cute baby swimming underwater on an album that changed music right when I was really paying attention. How could I not pick the cover of Nevermind? But when it comes to album covers that have really stuck with me, that still compel my curiosity and elicit excitement about … Continue reading The Most Compelling Album Cover

The 50 Years of Music w/ 50 Year Old White Guys Thank You Party

(A Live Zoom Party As We Record Our 2020 Podcast) It all started a year ago. Brian Koppelman started this thing on Twitter—“The Royale”—as a way to drag himself, and all those who call him friend, out of our existential funk. Just a daily picture with our morning cup of coffee—the first one of the day—The Royale. And … Continue reading The 50 Years of Music w/ 50 Year Old White Guys Thank You Party

Start Fixing That Piña Colada

While deciding on the best song of 1979 in our 50 Years of Music podcast, we couldn’t help but spend a few moments mocking the syrupy sweetness of piña coladas, pointing out the flaws of consummating a relationship in the dunes on the Cape (or any beach setting), and marveling at the lack of moral fiber in … Continue reading Start Fixing That Piña Colada