Lazaro and the Shark: Director Interview

William Sabourin O'Reilly found inspiration in a celebration of culture against adversity in Cuba, and has developed that into the story of a man competing with an officer in support of "the revolution." "Lazaro and The Shark- Cuba Under the Surface," is a powerful, careful documentary/story. In this interview, Mr. O'Reilly explores how he... Continue Reading →

“Eternal Spring”- Interview

Jason Loftus, the director of "Eternal Spring," has shined a light on the story of Daxiong and other survivors exploring a heist to take back the narrative surrounding a religious practice from the Chinese government in 2002. In what has now become an academy award nominated documentary, artistry, myth, and hard hitting truths blend and... Continue Reading →

“HALLOWEEN ENDS” – This Film Not Rated

"HALLOWEEN ENDS" Not Rated (SPOILER TALK) Welcome back to This Film Not Rated where we try NOT to RATE a movie we watched! This week Eric took the last of David Gordon Green's "Halloween" entries through the gauntlet and we're really excited about this one. Curtis thinks it's underrated and shakes things up from the "Halloween" formula.... Continue Reading →

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