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Danny Made Me Feel Doomed – ‘Danny Doom’ Review

When you go into a movie screening without any knowledge of the film, it’s exciting. Most movies these days are loud, colourful, and overly complicated, like the writers never learned how to keep things concise. And then there’s “Danny Doom,” directed by Matthew Wilson. This movie is subdued and overly simplified. This film is shot to … Continue reading Danny Made Me Feel Doomed – ‘Danny Doom’ Review

Getaway Driver premieres on Discovery July 19

Premiering July 19th, the new series Getaway Driver, will push the boundaries of motor programming beyond anything we've seen before; in real life. Michelle Rodriguez is set to host an 8-episode competition series featuring 24 of America's best drivers who think they have what it takes to put their own cars on the line in a real-life high speed chase.

Miss Tess releases track to benefit social justice

Today, Nashville singer Miss Tess released her brand new single, "Real Change." The song was written with Maya de Vitry a month or two after the death of George Floyd. “The world was on fire,” recalls Miss. Tess. “Of all the sadness and loss already experienced through the onset of a global pandemic, I thought … Continue reading Miss Tess releases track to benefit social justice

A Mermaid in Lisbon – New Music

There are places, scenes, scents that can prompt memories from decades past. When my Dad smells oranges he thinks of Christmas as a child and being excited to find a fresh, juicy orange in his stocking on Christmas morning. Me? I seem to have an Echoic memory. When I hear things I remember moments in … Continue reading A Mermaid in Lisbon – New Music