PEPPERGRASS- Official Trailer / Release Announcement

Coming to digital June 16 (US/Canada)

During the pandemic, a pregnant restaurateur tries to rob a priceless truffle from a reclusive World War 2 veteran in a new revenge horror-thriller from award-winning filmmaking duo Steven Garbas and Chantelle Han, PEPPERGRASS.

Starring Chantelle Han, Charles Boylan, and Michel Copeman, PEPPERGRASS will be available on digital platforms beginning June 16, 2023 from Terror Films.



Chantelle Han           Eula Baek

Charles Boyland        Morris Weiss

Michael Copeman     Captain Reubin Lom

Philip Williams          Dr. Arthur Fulmine

Craig Porritt               Fishmonger


Directors                  Steven Garbas

                                   Chantelle Han

Writers                     Steven Garbas

                                   Philip Irwin

Producers                 Grant Cooper

                                   Bennet De Brabandere

                                   Michael Flax

                                   Steven Garbas

                                   Chantelle Han

                                   Philip Irwin

                                   Michael Kraetzer

                                   Nicolas Onetti

                                   Gayna Theophilus

Composer                Todor Kobakov


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