Race To Survive: Alaska (S1 E2) | “Feast or Famine” Review

Race to Survive Alaska is a brand new competitive reality series that debuted on USA Network on April 3, 2023. I take a peak at episode two of the series and share my thoughts and where everyone landed after the first big competition.

Set along the wild and dangerous Alaskan coastline, adventure racers and survival experts must endure more than 100 miles of inhospitable terrain with nothing but what they can carry to claim a life-changing $500,000 prize.

One of the things I liked early on in the season is there is nothing wrong with trying to make alliances. You know that if you are higher in the pecking order, you can make friends, and when it’s time to move on and win money, boom, you make it happen.

Favia and Genevieve end up being the last team to arrive, but because Brett and Ester got eliminated for medical leave, they get to stay in the race. I really loved this episode as we are starting to see the games being played amongst the teams. We are also seeing the players see that they need to make friends that could help them for now, as we are early in the competition. The Alaskan brothers are so far ahead of everyone, and it’ll be interesting to see if someone gets on the same level with them.

How did the teams finish after the first leg of the race?

1st place – Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn 
2nd place – Max and Christian
Tied for 3rd place – Hunter and Jeff with Cason and Bella
5th place – Robin & Elizabeth
6th place – Hakim and Justife
7th place – Favia and Genevieve

Check out my interview with Hunter and Jeff Leininger, who talk about that first leg of the race.


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