Race To Survive Alaska Contestants Jeff & Hunter Leininger Interview

Race to Survive Alaska is a brand new competitive reality series that debuted on USA Network on April 3, 2023. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to two of the contestants on the show, the father/son team of Jeff and Hunter Leininger. We talked about how they decided to go on the show, preparing for the competition and much more.

Episodes of Race to Survive Alaska air Mondays at 11/10 central on the USA Network.

Set along the wild and dangerous Alaskan coastline, adventure racers and survival experts must endure more than 100 miles of inhospitable terrain with nothing but what they can carry to claim a life-changing $500,000 prize. 

Contestants must utilize a combination of endurance racing, primitive survival skills and bushcraft as they navigate the mostly uncharted Alaskan wilderness with sprawling mountain ranges, ancient glaciers, threatening wildlife and suffocating rainforests. The stakes couldn’t be higher for the teams as they race across unforgiving land in the ultimate test of person versus nature, where winning is the goal, but survival is the challenge.


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