Frimas Director Marianne Farley Interview

Oscar® Nominee Marianne Farley’s short film Frimas highlighting abortion rights is shortlisted for an Academy Award. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to her about the film.

Marianne Farley has always been invested in the fight for basic human rights, more specifically, a woman’s right to choose. She is well-versed in the judicial system and the legal struggles surrounding abortion rights, not only in the United States but across the globe. Farley is a Canadian filmmaker and her short film, Frismas, is one that will resonate with all women. The film centers around a woman who wants to get an abortion but it has once again become a criminal offense. Kara is confronted by a grim and brutal reality. Even though obvious dangers are at play, she seeks out the services of an illegal mobile abortion clinic. Once inside the meanders of this morbid clinic, she is faced with devastating repercussions. There is a level of intensity that is achieved through Kara going on this journey in the back of a moving meat truck. Farley makes a very impactful and moving piece about what it truly means to be a woman. The entire spectrum of emotional weight that is placed on motherhood is explored and felt.

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