‘Dickinson’ Scrawls A Strong Start For Its Final Season.

Creator: Alena Smith

Stars: Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov,

Synopsis: Budding writer Emily Dickinson uses her outsider’s perspective to explore the constraints of society, gender, and family in the 19th century.

This review covers a non-spoiler overview of Season 3 episodes 1-3. 

It seems like only yesterday I was experiencing Dickinson for the first time when Apple Tv plus was released to the public. At the time, it was the only show that caught my attention in a way that I didnt expect. It was witty, clever, and full of dark comedy. The line delivery and plot lines were simple but carried a weight of satire that caught me by surprise. And I quickly became invested in these characters’ trials and tribulations. Even though we are entering the final season of Dickinson, there are still plenty of adventures on the horizon. 

After the scandalous events of season two, Dickinson season three takes place during the events of the civil war. The parallels between a nation divided and the Dickinson household makes for a wild card of events with Emily’s brother Austin, her best friend turned secret lover Sue, and most importantly her parents. Emily being the kind-hearted person she is makes it her goal to be the pillar of strength that holds her family together. But things take a turn for the worst as Emily starts to see those she loves turn against one another and everyone is counting on America’s greatest poet to mend the bridges that have been severed.

This series feels like it is a return to form. The jokes land better than ever and the writing was in top form. I found myself taking this season more seriously than the previous installments. This season seems to be leading into how the power of writing will become an item of comfort that keeps hope alive during the darkest of times. It pains me that this series is coming to an end, but I am glad that we are getting the most this show has to offer, and there are plenty of quirky, heartfelt moments as Dickinson takes its final bow.  

Grade: A

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