E3 2021: Day One Recap

Today was the first day of showcases for E3 2021. People’s expectations have been lifted due to the leaks, rumors, and Pre- E3 announcements. Today’s events consisted of the Ubisoft Forward and Gearbox Show. Today’s showcases were unfortunately lackluster. This has to be the worst day one of E3 in recent memory. I tried to be understanding due to the Covid restrictions that have thrown a wrench into worldwide events. But today was unforgivable.

The Ubisoft Forward conference was colorless and unimaginative. In their defense, they announced a plethora of titles from Far Cry, Just Dance 2022, and Avatar Frontier Of Pandora. But there wasn’t a single trailer that got me excited. Far Cry 6 looks like a date Xbox 360 game and Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction looks like the most generic first-person shooter I have come across. The title is priced at $60 which has me bothered. The 2 announcements that somewhat interested me were the Mythic Quest 2 trailer and the Avatar Frontier Of Pandora: First Look Trailer. I was not expecting that announcement to end the show. We didn’t get any Beyond Good and Evil 2 or Splinter Cell news. That being said just because there wasn’t something for during this showcase doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for others.

Moving onto the Gearbox showcase which was by far the biggest time-waster of the day. They gave us a sneak peek of the set of the Borderlands film but we received no trailer. We got a smaller look into the God Fall Fire & Darkness: DLC Trailer. I’m surprised that there is still a fanbase for that title. The 30 minutes event full of titles they announced 2 days ago during Summer Game Fest. This makes me wonder why they didn’t debut them during this showcase. Unfortunately, they didn’t take a deeper dive into Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands or Tribes of Midgard. I have posted the event down-below for anyone who is interested.

My Score: D

Final Thought: As I stated before today’s E3 events were not memorable and left me unstimulated. Summer Game Fest seems to be on the right path with the way they are approaching their summer-long event. E3 is supposed to be the biggest event of the year but so far it has been a dry experience. Hopefully Day 2 will be noteworthy.

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