This is why you need to watch ‘The Legend of Korra’

This might shock you, but I’m having a tough time debating whether Avatar the Last Airbender is really better than The Legend of Korra.

Last Friday, Netflix released The Legend of Korra. While many might think that The Legend of Korra would be a rip-off sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender, surprisingly, it’s currently trending at #2 in Netflix USA. How could a rip-off show be #2 on Netflix?

Before I continue, I have some news for you: the show is not a rip-off and the quality of the show will beat your expectations. And when I say that it will beat your expectations, I mean it from a magnitude that’s higher than anything you’ve experienced.

The series will keep you on edge. The series will amaze you. The series will give you battles that are bigger in size and more militaristic than ever. There will be events in the series that can be compared to recent events happening in the US and around the world. The stakes for every character’s actions are a lot higher and the way people died was more brutal than that of The Last Airbender. Everything about the series makes it addicting.

What makes The Legend of Korra different from The Last Airbender is the way stories are told. In The Last Airbender, the whole series was centered at one enemy. In The Legend of Korra, each series centered around a different enemy, but at least each season had things that gave room for a new villain. Plus, the series is not only more brutal but the things going on in the series are darker than you’d expect.

Additionally, having each season centered around a different villain made the storytelling a whole lot better. Whether those villains had a giant jaeger robot (Pacific Rim reference) or the power to remove one’s bending made the series a whole lot juicier. I’m glad that the creators decided to pursue that route in storytelling.

Regarding the time period of the series, know that it takes place decades after the series finale of The Last Airbender. To give you a visual on how the times were like, think of America, and the rest of the world during the 1920s. Automobiles, radios, airplanes, and many other innovations are present in the series. Most of the characters that you’ll meet will be the children of Team Avatar from The Last Airbender. And yes, some of them do happen to have their own kids as well. For those looking to meet the characters from The Last Airbender, know that they won’t be receiving much screen time. Plus, they’re either old or dead.

Now, here’s my review of each season:

Season 1: This was a notable season. Amon proved to be a great villain and has shown fans that non-benders can still give a great fight to benders.

Season 2: While I found this season to be my least favorite, I still learned a lot about the spirit world and enjoyed the story of the First Avatar.

Season 3: This was my favorite season. The Red Lotus had many great battles and their raid on the Air Temple did put me on edge at one point. This season is the darkest and the most brutal.

Season 4: This season performed below my expectations. Despite having a more militaristic storyline, there weren’t many military battles and the whole storyline felt rushed.

If you were a The Last Airbender fan, I highly recommend watching The Legend of Korra. Not only will you have a pleasant time watching it but you will not regret watching it. Plus, wouldn’t you want to join in on fun many of us Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender fans are feasting on?

But remember: While the series was well-loved by fans, Nickelodeon had issues with airing it due to the various controversies it provided.

If you haven’t watched the series already, do not scroll lower

Here’s my take on The Legend of Korra:

I absolutely loved it. This is one tv series that I wished they would make more season of. While the ending didn’t feel that satisfying, it did make me anticipate that more seasons would be coming but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I guess that’s what happens when you make every season centered around defeating one villain.

One of the highlights of the series was that love triangle between Mako, Korra, and Asami, which was more interesting than Bachelor in Paradise. Despite forming and breaking relationships with the ladies at different time periods, I find Mako and Asami to be a great match.

For a period of time, it was rumored that Korra and Asami are a lesbian couple. When watching the series, I couldn’t find much evidence to support it. Only in the very last scene, where they held hands and looked at each other intimately before going into the spirit world, did I understand why many fans wondered if they were lesbian lovers.

Update: The creators have confirmed those rumors.

What’s interesting about Netflix’s release of The Legend of Korra was that the public welcomed it with open arms and a spot as #2 in trending. When the show first aired in 2012, many people weren’t interested in watching. As time went on, the viewership it was able to hold from the beginning tumbled.

With the show’s return being successful, it will be interesting to see what the producers will do next with the show.

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