Fall TV Roundup, Week 11

Thanksgiving is here, and Christmas is right around the corner. That means much of the network season, and other seasons, are coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of new shows premiering. And since I was traveling last week and missed some, there’s some catch up here! As you’re starring into a... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: Cable Series

This year I’m taking a look at some of my favorite series of all time. That will begin with a Top 10 in four different groups—Network Sitcoms, Network Dramas, Cable Series and Streaming Series. Ultimately, it will end in an overall Top 10. Periodically throughout 2022, I’ll be sharing these lists. Today, it’s a look... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 9

We’re in early November and many Fall shows are about ready to take a holiday season break. The glut of new shows has slowed some, too. Will it pick up? Inevitably, but now is the time to catch your breath. We didn’t get a ton of new shows debuting this week, but it’s still fair... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 8

Hard to believe it’s November. Don’t worry, it is November officially today. You’re likely in the midst of a candy hangover, looking to decompress with a good show. And there are plenty of options out there, but what’s worth seeking out? Well, let this weekly post be your guide as I look at the pilot... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 7

The nights are getting longer—and coming earlier. The leaves are falling from the trees and the temperatures are just falling. It’s the perfect time to cozy up on the couch and watch a new show—and believe me we have plenty this Fall. But which one should you pick? Let this weekly post be your guide... Continue Reading →

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