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TNF Preview, Week 6

It’s Week 6 of the NFL Season, meaning we’re starting bye weeks and we have our second straight outing to London. But we also have Thursday Night Football and an interesting matchup between the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a battle between the team with the most experienced quarterback and … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 6

News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

I hope the defender is okay Derrick Henry is a force of nature. Over the first four games of the season he is averaging 127.5 yards per game on the ground. In the age of the timeshare, Henry stands alone, getting 28.5 rushing attempts per game. That's more than some teams are averaging per game … Continue reading News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

TNF Preview, Week 4

We’re still a week away from Thursday Night Football returning to FOX and Amazon Prime, which means it’s still an NFL Network show. And as was the case last week, it’s an interesting but inauspicious matchup. The winless Jacksonville Jaguars with rookie Trevor Lawrence head to Cincinnati to battle the upstart Bengals. Joe Burrow, returning … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 4

News Or Noise: Week Four Edition

There is some history between these two from what I hear... Belichik, Brady. Brady, Belichik. It was like your typical teen love story. Belichik finds a young Brady, who all the other teams overlooked as he wasn't the prettiest, the most talented or the fastest. Belichik then works to make Brady the belle of the … Continue reading News Or Noise: Week Four Edition

TNF Preview, Week 2

So far we’re two-for-two seeing exciting Thursday night games. The opener between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys was epic, as expected. Both offenses were on fire and it went down to the wire. It was fair to wonder if the Week 2 matchup between the Washington Football Team and New York Giants could … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 2