Is The Vampire Diaries Leaving Netflix?

The Vampire Diaries was a smash hit during its original CW run from 2009 until 2017 and still retains a strong popularity amongst fans thanks to Netflix. Since all 8 seasons were made available on the site shortly after the series finale, the show has been visited (and revisited) by viewers all around the globe.... Continue Reading →

‘Supergirl’: A Fond Farewell

For the last six years, Supergirl has burrowed its way deep into our hearts with Melissa Benoist gracing the screen with joy, empowerment and hilarity. As the series draws to a close, all that’s left to say is that dreaded goodbye, but before we do, let’s reflect upon what made this show so special. A... Continue Reading →

Fall TV Roundup, Week 9

Welcome to November. This is a time when we start to shift full swing into the Holiday Season, meaning some huge releases on the big screen and some big events on the small screen. The wave of original horror series should be past us as we turn toward Christmas and the big tent poles that... Continue Reading →

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