Nashville Dad’s Club Season 2, Ep. 4 “I Couldn’t Legally Do That” Trailer

Tomorrow morning episode 2 of season 4 of Nashville Dads Club arrives and the title of the episode is I Couldn't Legally Do That. We have all the details including the trailer, the celebrity guest star and more to share with you today. Tune-In tomorrow to watch Nashville Dads Club Season 2, Ep. 4  "I Couldn't Legally Do That"  featuring... Continue Reading →

Nashville Dads Club Season 2

The Nashville film scene has been booming lately, with some incredible films and TV series being filmed here. One of those shows is Nashville Dads Club and they recently premiered episode one of season two. Three Nashville Natives (Phillip Cordell, Danny Dones and Rashad Rayford) created Nashville Dads Club. The crew uses a ton of... Continue Reading →

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