For All Mankind Recap: Stranger in a Strange Land

“You’ve gotta keep your eye on the horizon…”—Molly Cobb It’s not easy to be a Stevens. It wasn’t for Gordo (Michael Dorman) and Tracy (Sarah Jones), though they got their heroic ending in the Season 2 finale. As we’ve launched forward into the 1990s, it isn’t easy for their sons, Danny (Casey W. Johnson) and... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind Recap: Coming Home

“I cannot correct past mistakes, all I can do is share a simple truth—I’m gay and I have been since I was born.”—Ellen Wilson Leadership means doing the hard thing because it’s right. We’ve seen many of our heroes wrestle with this notion throughout the third season. They know what they need to do but... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind Recap: The Sands of Ares

“Sometimes you have to settle for what’s possible.”—Ellen Wilson The dream of traveling among the stars has been a part of our culture for decades and whatever gains we’ve made have come at a cost. While For All Mankind is a fictional take on the space race, it’s grounded in reality. The space race of... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind Recap: Bring It Down

“You always wanted to be first at something dad, now maybe you’ll be the first to kill life on another planet.”—Kelly Baldwin We all have things we hold tightly and sometimes we build these things up on the wrong kind of foundation. It becomes a house of cards, waiting to cave in on itself. As... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind Recap: New Eden

“Major Tyler has served his country with honor and distinction but his actions violate current Department of Defense guidelines and he’ll be discharged from the Army upon his return.”—President Ellen Wilson For years, the dream of humanity has been to continue our exploration of the cosmos. A big part of that means an expedition to... Continue Reading →

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