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Monday Recap, Week 4

What. A. Week. How are your lineups looking? That was a wild and crazy few days leading up to Sunday, then we saw some explosive performances—mostly from the Cowboys and Browns. But that’s football, and it’s why we both love and hate it as fans and fantasy football owners. And now you’ve got two games … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 4

Friday Five, Week 4

We made it to Friday and actually saw a high-scoring game on Thursday night as the Broncos beat the Jets 38-27. For those of you who had to start Tim Patrick in a league, like I did, congratulations. For those of you facing Tim Patrick, well there’s still plenty of games to help turn your … Continue reading Friday Five, Week 4

TNF Preview, Week 4

TNF Preview, Week 4

We knew it was going to happen in some way, and now it has. After a group of positive tests for the Tennessee Titans, the NFL has its first scheduling impact due to COVID 19. Well, first regular season impact. Of course the pre-season was scrapped largely due to the impact as well. But in … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 4

Monday Recap, Week 3

How was your Week 3? Hope it has gone better than Week 2 since there were fewer injuries and more explosive plays. We saw some players finally bust out while some others took a week off. We saw some teams come to life, while others appear to be trending toward a lost cause. And doubtless, … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 3

TNF, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! How is your lineup faring after last week’s injury apocalypse? Doubtless you have some holes to fill and some decisions to make, and tonight’s game might not make that any easier. These early season Thursday Night Football games are a mixed bag. Looking at the schedule in late August and seeing … Continue reading TNF, Week 3