“Avatar: The Way of Water” Not Rated

Welcome back to "This Film Not Rated," where we DON'T RATE a movie we watched! Today we talk about Avatar and what worked and didn't for us. Curtis feels it's familiar but gives more to chew on while Eric feels it earns its reputation without breaking any molds. Join us and send us your own... Continue Reading →

MCDI Trailer House! (03-11-22)

Welcome back to the end of the week! Check out the layout for this week, which are, once more, just a few choice projects of interest out of the many coming attractions unveiled. This week, however, most trailers skew adult-oriented to fair warning to anyone who should avoid more horrific/sexual content. We're starting with a... Continue Reading →

“Death on the Nile” Trailer 2

Kenneth Branagh's "Murder on the Orient Express," featured an impressive cast, glamorized visuals, and ultimately felt hollow or fell flat for many, despite enjoyable vistas, clever writing, and an investment in practical filmmaking on a large scale. "Death on the Nile" seems to be making the same promises, and this trailer showcases a bit more... Continue Reading →

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