Tennessee Titans Week Three Preview

Photo taken from TennesseeTitans.com The AFC South has always been an up-for-grabs division, although the yearly winners of the division tend to win in spurts. Like a streaky shooter in basketball, once a team gets hot, they can control the division for years at a time. The Titans are the reigning champions, but prior to... Continue Reading →

Titans Week 2 Reaction

GEORGE WALKER IV / TENNESSEAN.COM I’m 0-for-2 on Titans score predictions this year (1-1 ATS), but it’s hard to be upset with the result from Tennessee on Sunday. The Titans without their starting LT, MLB, SS and TE went on the road to one of the loudest venues in all of sports and pulled off... Continue Reading →

Tennessee Titans Week Two Preview

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images The good news for Tennessee? Facing two NFC teams to start the season is that the games will have very little bearing on the playoff picture come December. The bad news? An 0-2 start is entirely possible as both the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks have rosters capable of making... Continue Reading →

Titans Week 1 Reaction

ANDREW NELLES / TENNESSEAN.COM, ANDREW NELLES / TENNESSEAN.COM VIA IMAGN CONTENT SERVICES, LLC Yikes. For all the hype surrounding the Titans, you cannot envision a worse Week 1 performance. It was evident this offense desperately needed more reps together prior to today. And for the defense? The defense is picking up right where they left... Continue Reading →

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