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TNF Preview, Week 8

Welcome to Week 8. It’s amazing how fast the NFL season is going. This week we have a barn-burner on Thursday Night Football featuring a pair of teams from the NFL South, the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. This figures to be a good game, especially for fantasy. The Falcons defense has been quite friendly, … Continue reading TNF Preview, Week 8

Monday Recap, Week 7

What a wild Week 7. There were some big games and fantastic finishes. If you played Davante Adams or Tyler Lockett, you’re feeling good this morning. If you played against them, well, you might have some other feelings. That’s where Monday Night Miracles come in! But before we get to tonight’s game, let’s look at … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 7

Untitled Mailbag V7

Untitled Mailbag V7

Welcome back everyone to V7 of the Untitled Mailbag. Don't forget to get your questions in for the next mail bag by emailing me here: or send your questions on Twitter here. This past week as some of you may know, I sat down with Samaire Armstrong and talked in-depth about her recent comments … Continue reading Untitled Mailbag V7

Untitled Mailbag V3

Welcome back everyone to V3 of the Untitled Mailbag. So, I want to name this mailbag, but I have dug deep and yet to find a name worthy of the title, hence the Untitled Mailbag name. I want your help, help me name the mailbag, you can respond to me on Twitter when I pose … Continue reading Untitled Mailbag V3

Binge Watch: Christopher Nolan

We made it—well, almost. Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s tenth feature film, is due to release to International Audiences this week and to American audiences for Labor Day. It’s been three years since his last theatrical offering, and if you’re like me it feels much longer. Nolan is my favorite working director, not just for the stunning … Continue reading Binge Watch: Christopher Nolan