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Miss Americana – Review

Director: Lana Wilson Cast: Taylor Swift Synopsis: Documentary following Taylor's childhood and her ability to embrace her voice. Taylor Swift, like many of the rest of us, has always wanted the admiration and love of the people around her. She has needed that affection and uses it to drive her to more and more … Continue reading Miss Americana – Review

Like a Boss – Review

Director: Miguel Arteta Writer(s): Sam Pitman, Adam Cole-Kelly Cast: Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek Synopsis: Two girls on the verge of going bankrupt find new life in a wealthy business owner. To be completely honest, I was not going to review this film. Thinking of the words for how this movie made me … Continue reading Like a Boss – Review

Music City Drive-In Week in Review 12/13

This week was a big week for us, we have released a bunch of new content and I have put it all in one spot for you to check it out. Screen Actor Guild Reactions: Golden Globe Reactions: 2019 in Film Recap by Jacob: Ricky's Honey Boy review: Jacob's Honey … Continue reading Music City Drive-In Week in Review 12/13

Marriage Story – Review

Director: Noah Baumbach Writer(s): Noah Baumbach Cast: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johannson, Laura Dern Synopsis: Charlie, a stage director, and his wife, and star actress, Nicole get a divorce that spans the length of New York to Los Angeles. I want to start off this review by saying I was lucky enough to not only see this film two … Continue reading Marriage Story – Review