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Most Anticipated Films of 2020

2019 was a wonderful year for film, and with the new year, and the new decade, there is an entirely new slate of films to be released. Below are my 10 most anticipated of 2020. Honorable Mention: The Way Back Honestly, I just want to see if this film is real. The trailer released … Continue reading Most Anticipated Films of 2020

My One Oscar Plea

There are a few "out there" type things I would love from the Oscars this year. From Willem Dafoe for The Lighthouse, to Taron Egerton for Rocketman, to Uncut Gems in numerous categories (screenplay, directing, sound, editing, and of course acting to name a few). However, there is one "out there" pick that needs to … Continue reading My One Oscar Plea

Another Version of You – Review

Director: Motke Dapp Writer(s): Motke Dapp Cast: Kristopher Wente, C.J. Perry, Brittany Beland Synopsis: A man is given the key to endless realities as he tries to open the door to love. Jacob: ***1/2 Another Version of You is not only clever in its subject matter, but in its way of presenting itself. Motke … Continue reading Another Version of You – Review