Nashville Dads Club – Coffee Connoisseur Part 2 featuring AT Branch

Tomorrow morning the season finale of Nashville Dads Club arrives and the title of the episode is Coffee Connoisseur Part 2. We have all the details including the trailer, the celebrity guest star and more to share with you today.

Tune-In tomorrow to watch the season finale episode of Nashville Dads Club “Coffee Connoisseur Part Deux: French Press” featuring A.T. Branch and Nashville’s beloved mascot Snowbird. Watch the trailer here:

“Coffee Connoisseur Part Deux: French Press” Synopsis: Rashad, Phil and Phil’s 4-year-old daughter track down underground coffee kingpin El Diablo. But it turns out El Diablo, and his secret identity, aren’t as happy to meet one of his best customers…even if Phillip is a Coffee Connoisseur.

What: Nashville Dads Club Season 2, Ep. 7 “Coffee Connoisseur Part Deux: French Press” feat. A.T. Branch and Nashville’s beloved mascot Snowbird. 
When: Thursday, May 19th at 9a.m. EST / 8a.m. CST

Celebrity Guest Star: A.T. Branch is a former U.S. Army Captain turned Actor and Entertainer. He is best known for his work in The Best You Got, TypecastStar Spangled Galaxy and Interval.  

Nashville Dads Club highlights the absurdities and hilarious musings of modern dad life as three real dads; Phillip Cordell, Rashad Rayford and Dean Shortland encounter dad scenarios and are pushed to their edge. Season 2 features a lineup of Nashville-based celebrity guests including; Crossfit Champion Mat Fraser, BET-featured stand-up comedian Renard Hirsch, hit songwriter and front-man of The Cadillac Three Jaren Johnston, Americana artist/actor/writer Korby Lenker, and DJ Spice J (Justin Tarrents).

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