In a New York Minute – Official Trailer

Celia Au (“Wu Assassins”), Ludi Lin (“Mortal Kombat”), Amy Chang (“Billions”) and Yi Liu (“The Blacklist”) are outstanding in director Ximan Li’s acclaimed In A New York Minute, premiering on digital this May.


Called “One of the top ten directorial debuts I’ve seen in almost a decade” (Talking Pictures), In A New York Minute follows three strangers as they accidentally discover the solution to their problems lies in a single pregnancy test. Amy is haunted by a past breakup that has manifested into an eating disorder. Angel is caught between a loveless marriage to an American businessman and a passionate affair with a Chinese writer. Nina moonlights as an escort in order to support herself.

Based on a Chinese short story, In A New York Minute takes a slice-of-life look at relationships highlighted by its Asian and Asian American-led cast. First-time writer/director Ximan Li leads a female-driven production crew to create an intimate character study that interprets love from three different points of view. The film stars Celia Au, Amy Chang, Yi Liu, with Ludi Lin and Cheng Pei Pei.

In A New York Minute is available on digital on May 3rd from Gravitas Ventures.

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