Review | Making the Cut Season 2

Review | Making the Cut Season 2

Creator(s): Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn

Producers(s): Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Sara Rae, Page Feldman, Jennifer Love

Host(s): Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn

Synopsis: Ten new designers embark on a journey to make the cut and become the next new global fashion brand.

Feathers, beads, denim, and drama. “Making the Cut” season 2 hits Amazon Prime this Friday, July 16, bringing back its traditional ingredients and inviting us to come along as hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn embark on a new journey to find the next global fashion brand – all while trying to navigate a worldwide pandemic.

What is Making the Cut?

Set in Los Angeles, California, “Making the Cut” is a fashion competition created by model and businesswoman Heidi Klum, and fashion consultant and television personality Tim Gunn. The series premiered in March 2020 on Amazon Prime, two years after Klum and Gunn announced they’d be leaving their other show, “Project Runway”, at the end of season 16.

Differently than “Project Runway”, “Making the Cut” focuses on already established designers from around the world, and their brands, as opposed to up-and-coming names. With a money prize of one million dollars, the promise of mentorship and the opportunity to have every winning look sold online on the Making the Cut Amazon store, these gifted designers must create one-of-a-kind garments that will be critiqued by a judge panel at the end of each episode. The best looks make the cut; the others get eliminated from the competition.

What’s New for Season 2

Besides having a fixed location – season one had episodes filmed in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo, for example – “Making the Cut” season 2 also introduces a brand-new judge panel. Model Naomi Campbell, designer Joseph Altazura, fashion editor Carine Roitfeld and actress Nichole Richie did not return for this season.

The panel is now composed by Jeremy Scott, who’s the creative director for Moschino, and top model Winnie Harlow, known for being a spokesperson on vitiligo and former participant on “America’s Next Top Model”. The switch from a larger to a smaller panel was a welcomed one, making the critique more personalized and focused. Both Harlow and Scott are great additions to the show.

The number of contestants also came down from twelve to ten, representing countries like England, India, France, Poland, Colombia and, of course, the United States. And even though none of the participants stand out at the beginning, some are certain to impress and wow as the competition goes on.

Navigating the Fashion Industry During a Pandemic

Although some of the challenges within “Making the Cut” season 2 are designed to push the participants and their creations to another level, nothing will force them think outside the box more than trying to navigate the fashion industry, and build their own empire, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With big fashion shows like the New York Fashion Week being cancelled and famous brands declaring bankruptcy due to the pandemic, it will take a special skill set to make things work in a post-coronavirus scenario.

Is It Worth Your Time?

“Making the Cut” season 2 is for everyone who enjoys fashion competition, or who used to watch “Project Runway” but got tired of its outdated concept. The show brings just enough changes and innovations to its genre that makes it familiar, yet modern.

Additionally, no one does reality television like Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Watching them back onscreen is a real breath of fresh air, and viewers can notice how energized and happier they are when compared to the end of their “Project Runway” time. They still complement each other in a great way and their partnership is once again set to shake up the fashion industry.

Indeed, the idea of focusing on established talent instead of up-and-coming designers is already a great change from what most fashion-related reality shows were doing over the past decade – and perhaps the reason why “Making the Cut” may outlive them. As Tim Gunn points out right from the start, “now more than ever is important to support emerging brands”, and “Making the Cut” is doing just that.

Grade: A

One thought on “Review | Making the Cut Season 2

  1. Must we continue to suffer through Tim and Heidi’s vignettes – with Heidi hamming it up and Tim looking slightly uncomfortable?


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