2020 Schedule: Best MNF Matchups

The NFL released the 2020 schedule last week and with all of us clinging onto hope that there will be a season. I have taken a look at all 17 Monday Night Football games provided to us and will give you my top 5 matchups I am looking forward to the most.

Honorable Mentions: Week 1 – Tennessee Titans vs. Denver Broncos, Week 11 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams.

5. Week 13
Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers

The battle between two of the best defenses in all of football. The Bills have gone all in this off-season with trading for Stefon Diggs, drafting Zach Moss and bolstering up the defensive line with A.J. Epenesa.

The 49ers did the best they could to avoid having that Super Bowl hangover by subtracting while adding assets to the roster. I loved the pick up of Brandon Aiyuk, they also added All-Pro tackle Trent Williams to protect Jimmy G and they added Javon Kinlaw to an already loaded defensive line.

With this match-up happening in Week 13, this should have some playoff implications for both teams.

4. Week 2
Las Vegas Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints

The Raiders will play their first home game in Las Vegas in their new stadium against Drew Brees and the Saints (Sept. 21) on both ESPN and ABC – the first regular-season NFL broadcast on ABC since the 2005 season. The game will also be played on the 50th anniversary of MNF (sports television’s longest-running series made its debut on Sept. 21, 1970, with Jets-Browns).

The Raiders added a lot of fire power this offseason through the draft (Ruggs, Bowden Jr., Edwards). Gruden and co. are going to want to come out fast inside the new stadium.

Is this the final year of Brees? What we do know they are positioned to set themselves up for another run at the playoffs.

I look for this to have a lot of fireworks to kick off football in Las Vegas.

3. Week 12
Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks

Pederson vs. Carroll, Wilson vs. Wentz, this has all the making of a great Monday Night Football game.

The conference play is in play here, this could easily line one of these teams up with a better playoff spot with a victory.

Monday Night Football games with meaning playoff implications are some of the best football we get to see.

2. Week 3
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

The AFC Championship game everyone was hoping for until the Titans ruined it.

What to like about this match-up? The defending Super Bowl champions, the last two league MVP’s (Jackson & Mahomes) and two of the best coaches in football (Reid & Harbaugh)

This has “whoever has the ball last will win the game” written all over it and I can’t wait.

1. Week 6
Arizona Cardinals vs. Dallas Cowboys

This has so much material on it that I am sure I am going to miss something.

The Cardinals had one heck of an off-season. They traded for one of the games best receivers (Hopkins) and only had to give up a broke down hot wheels car in exchange for him. This offense is going to be explosive to watch on the football field.

Jerry Jones sent shock waves throughout the NFL when he drafted Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb. Lamb now gets to showcase his talent on the big stage against his former college QB.

Dak vs. Murray
Drake vs. Zeke
Hopkins vs. Cooper
Kirk vs. Lamb

Both of these teams might put up 50 points and we get to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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What are some of your favorite match-ups on MNF this year? Hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter @RickyValero_

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